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GOAL-SETTING: Tips and Insights from the Experts

Goals. The fear of not achieving your mission can be so daunting—even paralyzing—that at times we decide to forgo the journey altogether.

AHAA Living’s Malina Kaija reached out to some exceptional people who have made their life goals a reality, including Olympic silver medalist and naturopathic doctor Rachelle Viinberg; entrepreneur and multi-sport elite athlete Angella Goran; Thrive Fit owner and kettle bell expert Brian Kotoka; and AHAALiving co–founder and former men’s and women’s Canadian national cycling coach Howard Chang.

Malina asked Howard, Rachelle, Brian and Angella to share their thoughts on overcoming fear, embracing failure, and the powerful satisfaction of accomplishing your goals, one step at a time (because there’s really no other way).

Goal-Setting: Tips and Insights from the Experts from AHAA Living on Vimeo.

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