Giving Plastic the Boot

I hate plastic: the pervasive, environmental bully that’s nigh impossible to escape.

But there’s recycling, you say?

Recycling should be the final consideration; we need to bring back the oft-forgotten reduce and reuse before tossing our waste into the blue bin and hoping that all the world’s environmental woes will miraculously resolve.

Avoiding plastic entirely is futile at best – but if you have managed to do so, I wholeheartedly applaud and envy you. You, sir or madame, are my new hero. Show me your ways!

So, until I can unlock the mastery of giving all-things-plastic the boot, here are some of the ways I pare back plastics.


Simple, absolutely – it just takes a shift in mindset. I try my best to be mindful whenever I make a purchase. When it comes to plastic, I simply look for products that use alternative or minimal packaging materials.

Some of my favourite plastic-free products are:


Repurposing is kind of my jam. There’s something very satisfying about rehoning and finding new uses for a “throw-away” item. My first and greatest love when it comes to repurposing has to be glass containers. From old-timey maple syrup bottles, to jam and mason jars – I loves them all.

Here’s some of the ways I give glass containers a new life (after washing and sterilizing, of course):

  • Nut butter jars, for overnight oats or chia seed pudding
  • Mason jars, for vases, drinking glasses, and water on-the-go
  • Maple syrup bottles for homemade hair rinses and infused cooking oils
  • Jam jars for seasonings and spices

Paring down plastic is simple to do and doesn’t mean giving up all luxuries of modern living. It’s something you can do a little bit of every day that can make a big impact on the world we live in.

And when all is said and done, and you can reduce and reuse no more, recycle. :)

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