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Stay on Top of the Holidays

The holidays can push and shove our routines off-track, leaving us wound-up tighter than, well, like one of these goats.

It’s easy to get caught up in the bustle and merriment, and forget to rest, to reflect, to celebrate, and take the time to be more active, healthy, and aware (AHAA!).

To help keep the commotion in check, we’ve collaborated with our audience, contributors and favourite bloggers on travel tips, easy recipes and entertaining suggestions, and simple gift-giving:


Feel-Good Gift-Giving:

Gift shopping around the holiday season can be like looking for a needle in a haystack along with a whole crowd of people also looking for that same needle.

  • Skip the shopping mall and spare your garbage bins with these sustainable gift ideas, collected from AHAA followers.
  • Check out Lululemon’s campaign for some inspiration and give the best presents ever this year, i.e., the gift of your presence

  • DIY beauty products are deliciously easy and add a personal touch: try our recipes for lip balm or body butter.


Holiday Travel Tips:

Travelling by plane, train, or automobile this holiday season and already dreading the trek?


Mindful yet Merry Meals:

Dietary restrictions don’t have to be a hurdle during holiday mealtime, even when Grandma’s famous stuffing comes around the table and you opt to pass it on.


Getting into the “Spirits”

And what would the holidays be without a glass or two (or eight) of alcohol making the rounds through your body’s various systems?

What tips do you have for staying on-track and keeping grounded during the holiday crunch? Share them here or on Facebook or Twitter.




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