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Move of the Month: Toe Taps


Toe taps in and of themselves will not give you super-human strength, but they are an excellent addition to any training regimen. Whether integrated into a plyometric circuit, swapping them in for rest periods in between sets, or as a finisher after a run, toe taps will help to ramp up your heart rate, and increase speed and endurance.

All you need to pull these off is a bench, chair, stairs, or step with risers. The higher the object, the higher the intensity.

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Step 1: Start facing your bench/step/stairs with your feet shoulder width a part.

Step 2: When ready, start with one foot on the bench, toes touching lightly.

Step 3: Alternate feet and swing arms as you would if sprinting – go all-out for intervals of 30-45 seconds.

For a more advanced version, try the movement holding a weighted medicine ball.

Try this integrated into a circuit or as a finishing movement by doing 30-second sets x 6-8, with 10-second rest periods in between.


  • Cardiovascular endurance
  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Core
  • Quadriceps

Your body is capable of amazing things, and the world is your playground. Get your toe tap on!

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