Move of the Month: Plank with Alternating Shoulder Taps

As the temperature dips, it can be challenging to get up, get out and move your body.

What’s great about this plank with alternating shoulder taps is that you can do it anywhere. While it’s a great movement on its own, you can also add it in as a superset with plyometric and calisthenic movements.

This move helps develop core strength and stability, as well as activating your chest and shoulders.

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Step 1: On a flat surface, assume plank position.

Step 2: When ready, bring your hand to the opposing shoulder—alternating left and right. Focus on keeping your hips square and stable throughout the movement.

For a more advanced version, place your hands wider than shoulder width apart—the further the distance between your hands, the more challenging the exercise.

  • 15-30 repetitions per side, depending on fitness level
  • 10 seconds rest
  • Repeat x 3

Want to up the ante? Superset this movement with mountain climbers, and get your sweat on!


  • Core
  • Shoulders and chest
  • Stability
  • Back

Your body is capable of amazing things, and the world is your playground. Get outside, get moving, and stay tuned for our next Move of the Month!

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