Lightening Honey Hair Mask


For me, summer is all about eating fresh, local produce and playing outside with sun-kissed skin and beach-bum hair. There’s just something about a hot, sunny day that makes me want to do my body good – inside and out.

Taking care of what goes in your body is the easy part; doing good for yourself and the environment is a bit more challenging when it comes to beauty.

One of my all-time favourite summer beauty regimens is my cinnamon honey hair mask. It nourishes dry hair, gently cleanses, is all-natural, simple to make, adds natural sun-kissed highlights, and your hair will smell like a friggin’ cinnamon bun. WINNING!


Raw Honey

Raw honey contains naturally occurring peroxide, which helps to lift colour and gently lighten hair without harsh chemicals. It also helps to restore moisture and nourish split ends.


Helps to act as a lightening agent, boosts colour, and brings out the red undertones of your hair – which works especially well for brunettes.


  1. Combine two parts raw/unpasteurized honey with one part ground cinnamon (amount depends on hair length).
  2. Apply mixture to damp hair where you desire lightening.
  3. Wrap hair in bag/towel/shower cap.
  4. Allow to sit for minimum one hour  (I have chestnut hair, so it works best when I leave it over night).
  5. Rinse thoroughly with cool water.
  6. Repeat as necessary (I generally do this every other day for a week, then do weekly refreshers throughout the summer).


  • Do not apply heat – it will stop the bleaching process.
  • You can also add lemon and ground cardamom to boost highlights.
  • You may want to wash your hair twice, to ensure all the honey is rinsed out.

Now go get your summer on, you sun gods and goddesses!



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