Food for Thought: Brain Healthy Foods

Lecture, study, exam, repeat – clearing your head of lazy summer days and getting back in to study mode can be a shock to the system. Take a deep breath…you’ve got this.

A great way to get your head back in the game is to feed your noggin from the inside out. Here are some brain healthy foods that will help you start the school year off with a bang.


These little berries pack quite the punch. They are chock-full of vitamins and antioxidants that help to relieve stress, increase learning and motor skills, and can even minimize risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia.


Nuts and seeds are an awesome source of vitamin E, which helps protect the brain from memory loss and aids in cell regeneration.


This green goodness is a great source of vitamin K, which is known to enhance cognitive function and improve brain power. Broccoli: it makes your brain jacked!


This rich, velvety goodness is full of powerful antioxidants and natural stimulants that help with focus, concentration, and improved mood by triggering an endorphin release. Chocolate = happiness? We can’t argue that!


Oily fish, like mackerel, trout, and sardines, is not only a more sustainable fish option, but is rich in essential fatty acids like omega-3s. These fatty acids are crucial for healthy brain function, along with a happy heart and joints. So toss the tuna and throw some sardines into the mix for added brainpower.

With your newfound, brain-healthy masonry of goodies…go conquer those textbooks!

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