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Every Run Is a Good Run


Baby, you were born to run – how else do you think cavemen survived? But in this lifetime, you don’t need to run to catch your prey, nor do you need to run to avoid becoming prey! Instead, you can choose to run for health and aesthetic benefits, of which there are many.

I heard that when you run you either love it or leave it. I went for my first run ever this winter and somehow ended up with a new running shoe collection by summer. So, although I’m still quite the noob, I wanted to share some of my *new* knowledge with you based on my experiences.

The best thing about running is that you can do it anywhere. Literally. You can run on a treadmill, you can run on a road, you can run laps through a park. All you need is self-motivation. And you don’t need any equipment either! But, you will want to invest in a proper running shoe that is right for you. I personally gravitate towards Adidas, but that’s because it seems to be the best fit and comfort for me and my requirements.

Now, let’s backtrack for a second – you can do it anywhere. Some people swear by their treadmills. But one of the best things that I love about running is taking it outside. It’s interesting. There are varied conditions in scenery, weather and terrain. And there’s sunshine. And people. And people who provide a little extra motivation when they look at you like you’re bringing sexy back with those great runner’s legs.

Moving on: I found running is great for setting goals. Whether that goal is to cover a certain distance, to meet a period of time, or to gradually increase in order to operate on a whole other level. In the end there is some sort of achievement.

I also found I sleep better when I run. And I feel less stressed and have an instant boost to my level of happiness while I’m doing it, outside.

But that’s enough about my thoughts on running. Other people have more scientific opinions about running, the the health benefits of which include:

  • Prevention in obesity, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke
  • Prevention of certain cancers
  • Building muscles that keep bones healthier as they age
  • Helping to increase stamina
  • Raised levels of good cholesterol
  • Increases to lung function

So what are you waiting for? Get running – for your life!



About the author:
Dynamic and curious, leading an active life-style and being physically fit comes naturally to Diana. With a background in Mixed Martial Arts, Diana develops Personal Training and Custom Fitness Programs that incorporate valuable selfdefense techniques, allows individuals to reach personal fitness goals, increase confidence, and regain a sense of control over their life.
Diana believes in respecting all forms of life, no matter how large, how small, how different, or how abled. Her philosophy is based on a belief that everyone is unique, everyone is capable, and everyone has something to offer. More about Diana on her blog




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