Beyond Injury: A Look at Overcoming Mental and Physical Limitations

As an athlete, whether recreational or elite, you are faced with a multitude of physical and emotional challenges.

From the acclimation to failure, to the constant physical stress your body undergoes, and to managing the emotional highs and lows. Some might wonder, “Why the hell would anyone want to do that to themselves?” Well, for those of us that are wired to get out and grind, pushing our bodies to the limit is what fuels us.

But what happens when our bodies let us down and our minds dip into dark places?

I met with former competitive alpine skier, aspiring professional cyclist, and self-proclaimed life-athlete Catherine Strus, to understand the physical and mental toll injuries have on an athlete and how she overcame depression after two serious concussions that de-railed her dreams to go elite for over five years.

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