Our Top 10 Health & Wellness Blogs

When it comes to health and wellness inspiration, we love to share the love. In an effort to showcase the growing community of health and fitness bloggers doing amazing things right across the country, AHAALiving.com took a cross-Canada tour through the blogosphere and pulled together a list of some of the best sources of health, fitness and wellness advice, nation-wide.

Nova Scotia

Confessions of a Fitness Instructor

Suzi’s energetic, fun, and practical personality shines through in her postings – which chronicle her journey towards a healthier, happier lifestyle – and everything in between. Her motto for life informs her blog’s philosophy, and that is, “Being healthy isn’t about being perfect.” We agree! http://www.confessionsofafitnessinstructor.com/



Montreal-based Lolë makes beautiful active-wear for women, and the company’s blog is a great resource for information on fitness, nutrition, and wellness. You also get the benefit of a variety of different contributors to the blog – which posts in both French and English. Fantastic, well-rounded blogging. http://www.lolewomen.com/blog/


Alison Smith

Blogger Alison Smith’s story of her experience contracting Lyme disease from a tick bite is both fascinating and harrowing. In spite of its debilitating effects on her health and the inability of Western medicine to help her find a treatment, Alison has optimized her health using nutrition as her medicine – and now she blogs about it. (Oh, and she’s also PhD in neuroscience!) http://alisonsmith.com/about/

Eat Spin Run Repeat

Blogger Angela found her happy place in the adoption of an active, healthy lifestyle. Her bright, clean-looking, easy-to-navigate blog is filled with ideas for incorporating healthier eating and fitness into an already busy lifestyle (because who isn’t busy these days!). Angela is also big on running – so if running is your activity of choice, this blog is for you. http://eat-spin-run-repeat.com/

Joyous Health

Growing up, blogger (and AHAALiving.com contributor!) Joy McCarthy suffered from hormonal imbalances, digestive problems, and anxiety – and became frustrated with the prescription-after-prescription approach of doctors. She turned to nutrition and fitness to address her health issues, and has transferred that interest and passion into this well-maintained blog, which is packed with fantastic recipes and ideas for healthier living. http://www.joyoushealth.com/blog/


Living Healthy in the Real World

Blogger Sagan Morrow combines her love of writing with her passion for living a healthy, happy, active lifestyle. Sagan’s focus on fitness and nutrition reads something like an evolving coming-of-age story, with a focus on body image, mental health, and the fullness that life has to offer. http://www.livingintherealworld.net/healthy/


Betty Livin

Rachel’s blog is filled with the things she loves: being outdoors, living life to its fullest, and remaining active and healthy (in spite of her 9-to-5 desk job). Her quirky and endearing personality shines through in her posts, demonstrating a true joie de vivre – a definite motivator to follow! http://bettylivin.com/

Life. In Balance. Sort of.

Many of Susan’s blog posts read like journal entries, which lends nicely to the honest, thoughtful, and down-to-earth approach she takes to fitness and healthy living. Susan’s posts include her thoughts on the role of exercise, her family life, and even some helpful product reviews. This is a great blog for AHAA parents.

British Columbia

Semperviva Yoga

This Vancouver-based yoga studio offers classes, retreats, certification – and an insightful blog! Their posts exemplify the holistic approach to health and wellness that goes hand-in-hand with yoga, including a focus on the role of nutrition, meditation and lifestyle. Fantastic resource for beginner to experienced yogis. http://www.semperviva.com/blog/

Eat Life Balance

Like so many of us who have adopted an AHAA lifestyle, blog writer Julie went on a journey to living a happier, healthier lifestyle with a focus on the role of nutrition. Her posts include delicious recipes, green beauty tips, and ideas for detoxifying your lifestyle. http://eatlifebalance.com/about/

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