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Spring Is in the Air

The changing season has a miraculous way of reinvigorating my love for all-things outdoors. There is something wonderful that happens when the months of frost thaw, steely grey skies transform into soft, sun-filled, pastel blues, and the flora and fauna start to breathe new life. After the whimsy of the first snow loses its shine, spring brings a renewed optimism for adventure.

Feeling the warm sun on my winter-white skin, and taking the cool breeze deep into my lungs, reminds me of how therapeutic the outdoors can be.

What trail will I run? What shoreline will I explore? What grassy park will I melt into? This is the time of year where we can break out from months of hibernation and take full advantage of the outdoors.

The only setback to this spring-induced, gung-ho attitude is learning how to ease myself back into outdoor training. After a long hibernation, it’s hard not to hit the trails with guns blazing, but getting injured at the start of the season is heartbreaking for a physical activity-lover like myself. So what I have learned is the importance of ramping up slowly, and that I can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without blowing a gasket.

Some of my favourite activities to bring in the spring are taking my SUP out and cruising the Lake Ontario shoreline, practicing yoga in a quiet park, short, gentle runs, and taking my fixed-gear through the Don Valley Trails.

It’s time to get out and celebrate this glorious weather – whatever the activity! Why not join me and challenge yourself to get outside a little bit every day. Your body and mind will thank you.

Spring is in the air!

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