Keeping Balance Under Stress


As much as we would love to spend our lives zen’d-out and Namaste-ing in a sun-kissed meadow (er, or is that just us nature-loving weirdos?), life doesn’t always make that possible. Life loves to throw curve balls – they’re unavoidable, but you can set yourself to come out the other side relatively unscathed. Whether preparing for a big move, dealing with the joys of relationship/ family drama, or facing an existential crisis, here are some ways to help keep you mind and body healthy under pressure.




Sounds simple enough, right? But so many people get caught in a routine of working out indoors, driving to work, sitting inside all day, driving/taking transit home, then spending their evenings relaxing in front of the TV. Nature nurtures; switching up your routine and taking fifteen minutes to soak in some vitamin D is so important to keeping a healthy balance. It could be as easy as getting off the streetcar a few stops early and walking the rest of the way to work, or finding a park to enjoy lunch. Find a little slice of nature and get up in it!




Taking a little time for “you” does wonders. And scrolling Facebook for an hour doesn’t count. We are constantly inundated with information and stimulation; it is important to unplug and take some time for your self. Maybe that’s jamming out in the shower to some sweet tunes, or taking a meditation break. Wherever your happy place is, try and set a little time every week, if not every day, and do you.




We know, we know, “Journaling is for tween girls,” you say. Well, we beg to differ. Journaling is a great opportunity to get whatever stress/junk you’re facing out and on paper. Journaling encourages you to reflect, focus, and purge, and it slows down time. You think about your day and spend time with moments or situations that might be otherwise forgotten/ignored. We recommend creating a routine, where you write every day. It doesn’t always have to be profound, just write. Challenge yourself to do it every day for a month, especially while going through rough patches. A little scribble on some paper goes a long way.




That’s right, go get sweaty. Go for a run, wake up and do ten push-ups every morning, lift things, get your yoga on – whatever the activity, get out and do a little every damn day. Getting sweaty releases feel-good endorphins, cleans out toxins, and clears the mind. It also never hurts doing something that is good for your bod.


We hope these will help you find some balance when the getting’s not so good. So next time you want to punch a hole in your drywall, go the cheaper route and do some hill sprints and go Namaste the crap out of yourself!

    Are you AHAA?