Studio shot of young athletic woman doing pushups on a bosu ball, isolated over white background

Get On The Ball With A BOSU


Step up to a total body workout with the BOSU, an innovative product that has turned the fitness training industry on both ends! BOSU – an acronym for “Both Sides Utilized” – is a dual use device that consists of an inflated rubber dome attached to a rigid platform.


Ideal for targeting a multitude of muscle groups, the device’s combined stability and instability are key to intensifying your workout. When the dome side faces up, the BOSU ball provides an unstable surface for you while the device itself remains stable and can be used for athletic drills and aerobic activities. Flip it over so the platform faces up and the device is now highly unstable, elevating your workout routine.


Best known for balance training, the BOSU is also great for building strength, fine tuning skills for sport, enhancing flexibility, and delivering intense cardio workouts. The combination of stable and unstable allows for different levels of difficulty, which makes it perfect for people of every age and level of fitness – from kids and the elderly, to people recovering from injuries through to the elite athlete.

Balance is the foundation upon which everything is built, and improving balance is something that benefits everyone. Training with the BOSU helps you to release unnecessary tension, and improve coordination and core stabilization. It’s also an incredibly versatile training tool for targeting specific body parts, helping to tone, strengthen and transform how your body looks and functions.

Here at AHAA we celebrate a fit and healthy lifestyle. We’re always experimenting with new ways to motivate our muscles and minds to be fit, and the BOSU is a practical, portable and completely versatile way to do just that!

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