Fit All Day


I know, I know – you gotta work, work, work without the dirt, dirt, dirt – but incorporating fitness into your daily work routine doesn’t need to leave you a sweaty mess.

Not too many people look forward to Mondays, but you can get your week going with a cheerful start by cycling to work. That’s right, cycling to work can make you happier. Not only is it an exhilarating start to your day, but when done consistently, a regular cycling routine can actually be therapeutic. Cycling can also help to boost your brain power by sharpening memory and learning, as well as improving your reflexes and coordination. And riding a bike is economically and environmentally friendly. So smile because you’re burning fat, not oil or the money in your wallet!

Walking at work is highly underrated, and you’re hot stuff – you’ve been working out. Now walk around like you’re the boss. Head over to that photocopy machine and put a little extra spring into your step. People are watching! Put on your best smile and welcome the new employee, or catch up on your initiatives with your current team, face-to-face. And when you see that box of Timmy’s that your coworker brought in, keep calm and walk on. Look at you go! You’ve been working too hard to ruin this moment.
It’s mid-morning and you need to go to a meeting on another floor. Just remember one thing: you are strong, you are smart, and you don’t sweat – you sparkle! So take those stairs… one… step… at… a… time. And then repeat, repeat, and repeat until it becomes a habit. By starting with small steps, you are creating big changes to the overall level of fitness and wellness in your life.


It’s lunch time. What are you planning on doing now? If you’re lucky enough you can head to a nearby gym and get in a quick workout session or participate in a Pilates class. Or maybe your employer is conscientious of the many benefits of implementing a health & wellness program at your work and has an employee yoga session ready.  But if not, you can still create your own Zen atmosphere and get in a few stretches or meditation.

Tuck yourself into a meeting room to experience a few moments of peace and mindfulness. There is no shame in bringing your yoga mat or yoga ball to work. Some employees even use yoga balls instead of chairs throughout the work day. How others see you is not important; how you see yourself is everything.
Or perhaps, on your lunch time, you are able to settle into a park or quiet area nearby and momentarily slip away from the hustle and bustle of office life.

There is no reason to remain confined within your work walls all day. Get outside and stretch those gorgeous legs, balance your body, focus your mind and start your karmic cleanse.

Finally, the end of the workday is here.  Maybe you don’t own a bike or feel safe riding one in the city, but live relatively nearby. This is the prime opportunity to slip into your latest, greatest, and cutest running gear and make a break for home.

However you decide to add a little fitness into your work day, you don’t need to go fast, you just need to go.



About the author:
Dynamic and curious, leading an active life-style and being physically fit comes naturally to Diana. With a background in Mixed Martial Arts, Diana develops Personal Training and Custom Fitness Programs that incorporate valuable selfdefense techniques, allows individuals to reach personal fitness goals, increase confidence, and regain a sense of control over their life.
Diana believes in respecting all forms of life, no matter how large, how small, how different, or how abled. Her philosophy is based on a belief that everyone is unique, everyone is capable, and everyone has something to offer. More about Diana on her blog



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