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At, we love the thrill of a find. From the gem of a sweater at the consignment shop, to the still-good ingredient at the back of your fridge that makes the meal, we are most excited when the three R’s converge with a fourth: revelation.

So we get our thrift shop-sourced knickers all knotted up in the best possible way when we find a good sustainability read online. We’re always looking out for the next David Suzuki (we need so many of them), and we truly feel that one of the most important ways to contribute to a more sustainable earth is to spread the word.

In light of this month’s giving theme, we present to you’s top 10 sustainability bloggers from across the Canadian blogosphere. Enjoy!


the mindful word

The fast-paced speed of society is in large part responsible for so many of our environmentally, physically, and mentally damaging behaviours and habits. This community of bloggers brings mindfulness to bear as a holistic approach to making the world we live in a better place, and finding peace in our efforts toward more sustainable living practices.


Green Moxie: Conscious Living for Urban Dwellers

Nikki Fotheringham believes in the power of the individual to make change in the world, which is why she started blogging about it. Borrowing an African proverb as her mantra — “If you think you are too small to make a difference, you haven’t spent a night with a mosquito”— Nikki’s posts range from practical lifestyle DIYs, to thought-provoking ideas for green-living, to delicious green recipes.


You Grow Girl

Gayla Trail lives in an urban setting and also happens to love gardening (like REALLY loves gardening). After becoming frustrated with the sheer lack of resources available to urban gardeners with limited space, non-ideal growing conditions, and a tight budget, Gayla decided to invent her own style of gardening. And she blogs about it.


Things Are Good

This blog takes a refreshing approach to sustainability and eco-issues by focusing specifically on the good things that are happening around us and the progress we’re making towards a more sustainable earth. While part of being AHAA is, of course, possessing an awareness of what needs to change, sometimes eco-issues focus primarily on the negative. Things Are Good is a breath of fresh air.


Environmental Defence

Made up of a passionate group of environmental heroes, this organization’s blog provides information on just about everything that’s relevant to Canadians and sustainability. This is a great blog site for up-to-date, current events affecting our environment.



Niche takes an interesting approach to eco-issues by examining the world around us from the context of what it was like in the past. They believe that, to fully understand today’s environment, we must first work towards a clear understanding of the past. Niche’s esteemed panel of contributors offer interesting, thought-provoking, and relevant posts – check them out, you might be surprised.


Healthy Wildlife

Are you an animal lover? Healthy Wildlife provides quality information about the state of Canada’s wildlife population, paired alongside stunning images of the Canadian wilderness and its beautiful creatures. This is a relatively new blog site, but it’s definitely one to follow.


De-Smog Canada

This very popular blog site is a sister site to the American blog of the same name. The blog’s mandate is to “clear the PR pollution” that has been used to confuse and misdirect the population about global warming. Check out this blog if you’d like to learn more about climate change from an alternate perspective.


Alternatives Journal

This magazine’s blog site is a great resource for all things green. You also get the benefit of a variety of different perspectives from a large network of bloggers. Blog post topics range from simple, practical posts about making your lifestyle greener, to much broader, larger issues that we might read about in the news. A great one-size-fits-all blog.


David Suzuki Foundation

Any list on sustainable bloggers would be incomplete without a shout-out to one of Canada’s premier environmentalists: David Suzuki. This blog is actually a combination of 6 different blogs, so you can either filter the posts you’d like to read (e.g., Queen of Green, Healthy Oceans, Science Matters, etc.) or read the entire gamut all in one feed.


What sustainable bloggers do you follow? Share them with the AHAA community and help spread the word!



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